Amazon A+ Content Series for Sellers: Copywriting

Amazon A+ Content Copywriting Series by Converting Copywriter Enhanced Brand Content Service


I’ve been offering sellers my Amazon A+ copywriting service for years now, and during that time, I have found a successful formula that converts like crazy.

In a previous blog in this series, I discussed A+ templates and which style (in my experience) converts the best. In this blog, I’ll look at the copywriting aspect of Amazon A+ content and divulge a few secrets from my successful strategy.


Benefits vs Features

You’ll have heard many times that sales copy needs to be benefit-lead. This is especially true on the Amazon marketplace where there is an avalanche of competition. Many sellers (and inexperienced copywriters!) confuse benefits with a product’s features.

Benefits tell the customer how you are going to improve their life. I call them lifestyle benefits. For example, if you’re selling a phone screen protector for the iPhone, it would look like this:

Benefit – Enjoy your iPhone to the max!
Features – Tempered glass, shatterproof, ultra clear display

With Amazon A+ content, you have a great opportunity to create rich infographic banners that lead with lifestyle benefits, while also incorporating the features of your product – ideally all at a glance! Of course, you need an experienced Amazon copywriter and a good designer to achieve this.


How much text to include

As I discussed in my previous blog from this A+ content series, customers do not like to read through big blocks of text, so it’s best to keep it to a minimum.

You need to find a balance between conveying all the key benefits and features of your product and making your content scannable for the majority of customers.

At the most, you only want to have two or three sentences in any section of text. For my clients, I create an infographic mockup that includes my high-converting messaging hierarchy in a basic layout a designer can easily work from – a successful A+ formula that my top selling clients love!

The content I design is full of lifestyle benefit-lead headlines, sub-headlines and little snippets of punchy sales copy that a designer can embed among great product imagery. Each module I create has its own job to do in the classic sales structure.

Great content should tell a story and persuade the customer within a couple of minutes.


Company story

I am often asked by my clients if their ‘About us’ blurb should be included within their Amazon A+ content. My answer is – yes, definitely! Great brands on Amazon know who they are and build crucial trust with the customer in just a few sentences of “About Us’ style copy.

Don’t have a brand story yet? Not to worry! An experienced Amazon copywriter can help you condense your ethos and mission into something that builds trust and is easily digestible.

If you follow the above advice, you’ll be WAY ahead of the majority of sellers.

If you want to be guided through the whole process, get in touch and I’ll share some samples of my work and provide you with a quote.

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