Amazon A+ Content Series for Sellers: Templates

Amazon A+ Content Copywriting Series by Converting Copywriter Enhanced Brand Content

As an Amazon A+ copywriter, I am often asked what type of content converts the most customers, and results in more Amazon sales. I have worked with top sellers for years to produce superior quality A+ Amazon content that sells in the benefits and features of a product at a glance.

In this series, I’m going to break down my approach, and what Brand Registered sellers should be looking to create in order to maximize sales conversions.

The first area we will discuss, is the overall style and presentation of your Amazon A+ content. My clients and I have found that infographic banners convert at the highest rate. This requires the perfect balance between design, product images, and product copy. This allows the customer to glean the important features and benefits quickly, while scanning the page.

For this Amazon A+ template you simply need to create five or six image banners – I use the ‘image header with text’ module – and upload them to the A+ content area in Amazon Seller Central.

If you look at your competitors, I almost guarantee that the lead seller in your category has adopted this style for their A+ enhanced brand content.

This infographic A+ content template is in contrast with the slightly older style where you plug in an image to the preset module and then write live product copy text to go with it. The problem with that is, customers don’t like to read big blocks of text, and you therefore risk them missing the key benefits of your product.

PRO TIP: Benefits tell the customer how your product is going to improve their life. Lots of sellers (and inexperienced copywriters!) confuse this with the actual features of a product.

Using this infographic style for your Amazon A+ template requires a good Amazon copywriter, and a designer. It certainly isn’t the cheapest option, but it will pay back many times over if you invest in this approach. One client of mine in the Home and Garden category increased his sales by over 500% in one month after he’d pushed my A+ content live. Done right, it’s powerful stuff!

When I’m creating Amazon A+ content for my clients, I provide an infographic mock up that includes product copy, a basic layout, and a messaging hierarchy for the whole piece of content. This gives the designer I work with a map, or the ‘information architecture’, they need to create the final design. It also allows my clients to make any changes to the copy and basic layout prior to the design stage.

If you want to be guided through the whole process by an experienced Amazon copywriter, get in touch and I will my share examples and prices.

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