Amazon Listing Service: Invest in a Copywriter That Converts

Amazon Listing Service: Invest in a Copywriter That Converts

A successful product listing on Amazon is all about having the right words, in the right places.

Hiring a professional copywriter to create your Amazon listing is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. A great copywriter can not only get traffic to your listing with strategically placed SEO keywords, but they can also persuade your potential customers to take that ultimate action – ADD TO CART.

Of course, you need a good product and a competitive price, but otherwise a high performing listing is all about the copy.

Professional copywriter - Amazon listing service


Here’s what you’ll get from using a professional Amazon listing service:

  • A great copywriter can take the features of your product and turn them into compelling benefits that show the potential customer how your product is going to improve their life
  • A lot of sellers know so much about their niche that their product listing suffers from ‘the curse of knowledge’. A copywriter will turn this complex, anti-conversion language into simple, customer-friendly copy
  • Proven selling techniques are second nature to a professional copywriter and they will apply this psychological strategy to your Amazon product listing
  • Amazon sellers are often so close to their product, they can’t be objective enough to identify the correct audience, or they might have missed one of the biggest selling points. A copywriter will provide that objectivity.

So, when you use an Amazon listing service, what information should you be providing to your copywriter so they have everything they need? Here’s a checklist to help you gather all the pertinent info together:

1. Full product specs

2. Links to the listings or websites of your main competitors (around 3-5 is great)

3. Your list of targeted keywords in order of priority (unless you need keyword research as part of the service)

4. Any money back guarantee or warranty details

5. A description of who your target audience is (if you know this)

6. What the philosophy of your company is and why you’re different


A professional copywriter will guide throughout the whole process, and as a result, you’ll probably get to know your product and understand your customers WAY more!


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