Amazon Product Listing: Why Use a Copywriting Service?


Amazon Product Listing: Why Use a Copywriting Service?

Want to know how to list a new product on Amazon or how to increase sales for your existing product listings?

If you explore my blog you’ll find lots of expert tips, which I’ve used to help some of Amazon’s top sellers. But in this post, I’m going to explain why hiring a copywriter to create your Amazon listing will be the best money you have ever spent.


A great investment that pays back many times over

If you’re going to spend money anywhere, spend it on your product listing copy and images. Along with a good product (which I’ll assume you have), these words and images are the difference between converting sales, or not. They need to make you stand out from your competitors and build trust.

Get this right by hiring an expert Amazon copywriter who can craft beautiful, persuasive copy that answers your customer’s pain points, and your listing is sure to kill it from the get go!

Rich, benefit-lead marketing copy

An experienced copywriter knows instinctively how to answer the number one question every customer has: what’s in it for me?

We do this with rich marketing copy that tells them how your product is going to improve their life. Many sellers mistake benefits with features when writing their own copy, and end up with a listing that doesn’t connect with the customer. If you don’t establish a connection, you won’t make sales.

Strategically placed seo keywords

Expert copywriters know how to rank products on Amazon. We strategically place seo keywords throughout your listing, making it sound natural so as not to ruin the rich marketing copy that informs your customer’s purchasing decision.

Ranking on Amazon requires a solid keyword strategy and a professional copywriter will make sure that strategy is executed properly, without disrupting the flow of your copy or making it seeming too spammy.
Persuasive copywriting techniques and seo can increase Amazon sales


Persuasive selling techniques

The classic sales techniques still work because they are based on human psychology. Experienced copywriters use these selling techniques instinctively and they inform every word we write when creating sales copy for products.



Even top sellers on Amazon can be too close to their own product to be objective. A professional copywriter can help you discover benefits that might not have occurred to you, and also help explain your value proposition and product features more concisely.


Branding and advertising knowledge

An experienced copywriter will create a rich brand tone of voice for your product that builds trust and makes you stand out from your competitors. We also have a deep understanding of advertising principles and the online landscape, so you don’t have to.


So, if you’re wondering how to rank higher on Amazon, using a professional copywriting service to create or re-write your listing may well be the answer to your prayers.


Need professional help to create your product listing or want to know how to increase your Amazon sales?





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