Amazon Seller Tips: Listing Optimization for Beginners

Amazon listing optimization tips for Amazon sellers

If you’re a new Amazon Seller or brand looking to optimize an existing listing for the first time, this blog post will cover the basics of listing optimization.


Keyword research

This is one of the main ways to optimize your listing so you come up in more customer searches.

First, you want to do a thorough competitor analysis to find out what search terms they are targeting. It’s possible they may have found opportunities or ways of describing your product that you may not have thought of.

Once you have noted down the key search terms that your competitors are using to sell their product, you then need to do research on both Google and Amazon search bars to see what auto suggestions they offer for your root keyword.

By now, you will have a good idea what long tail keyword phrases your potential customers will be searching for.

You then need to turn to a professional keyword research tool to find even more keyword opportunities.


Optimizing your product listing copy

Once you have a targeted list of keywords, you then need to place those keywords naturally throughout your marketing copy.

It is not easy to insert those search terms and maintain rich persuasive copy. I recommend hiring an experienced Amazon product listing copywriter to do this for you.

The key real estate for placing keywords is in this priority order:

1. Title
2. Feature bullets
3. Product description section


Backend keywords

The other vital area to include your targeted keywords list is the ‘search terms’ box within the backend product listing setup. This is where you can include a broader set of keywords in order to come up in many more customer searches, and where your extensive keyword research will pay off.

Here, you can include things like demographics, product variations and product feature keywords.


Rich persuasive sales copy

The other important listing optimization technique to increase sales on Amazon is to make sure you have outstanding marketing copy. It really doesn’t make any sense to skimp in this area¬† (this is the face of your business), so make sure you are spending a decent part of your budget on a professional Amazon listing service.

Your marketing copy needs to be benefit-lead, and not be so full of features that the customer gets lost or confused. The customer wants to know how your product is going to improve their life, so get rid of the ‘curse of knowledge’ and explain to them in simple terms how your product is going to do that.

I can’t stress enough how important your Amazon listing copy is. It can mean the difference between a successful product launch, or a venture that falls flat on its face.

So there you go! The basics of Amazon listing optimization for beginners.




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