Amazon Seller Tips: My Thoughts on Emojis in Bullet Points

I have to admit, when I first saw emojis start appearing in Amazon product listing bullets, I was aghast.

“Way to make your brand look cheap and spammy!” was my immediate reaction.

However, having seen how a color icon can provide a bit of visual relief and formatting to super long SEO optimized text bullets, I am starting to come round… a little bit.

I still believe that this is not the approach a premium, higher-end brand should take (is that the look your really want?), but for your average seller in a super competitive category, it could be a way to stand out, if only temporarily. Although, now every Amazon seller is doing it, perhaps that won’t be the case for much longer!

Personally, I haven’t had any clients that have been suspended for using emoji icons in their listing, but I have seen some reports online (if only third hand), so please use this strategy at your own risk.

It does seem as though Amazon could be fine with the little green ticks ( ✅). You can also find some more emoji icons here.

From a branding perspective, if you are going to use this trick, just pick one style of emoji or icon, instead of five different ones, otherwise your listing is going to look seriously messy!

And remember – emojis will not sell your product. Professional Amazon product listing copy that is rich and persuasive, is what converts sales.




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