Amazon Seller Tips: White Hat Hacks That Work

I see a lot of sellers resorting to black hat tactics to try and boost their Amazon sales quickly. The truth is, there is no way to cheat the Amazon system long term, and if you’re trying to build a successful and reputable brand, you should avoid these cheap tricks and cheats.

The Amazon system is clever, and even though a black hat tactic can work in the short term, it will eventually catch up with you and could get your Amazon seller account suspended.

But there is a better way to create sustainable sales growth. In this post, I’m going to share some white hat hacks and tactics to help you improve your sales organically and safely.


1. Create a killer SEO keyword strategy

This is one of the most important factors in improving your sales rank and ultimately your sales. By optimizing your product listing for SEO, you will come up in more customer searches, which means your product will get in front of many more eyes and will reach a broader audience that, perhaps, you may not have thought of before.

You need a targeted keywords list for both the frontend marketing copy and also the backend search terms box.

A professional Amazon SEO expert will conduct a competitor analysis to find out what your page one competitors are targeting, and will utilize several leading tools to find low competition keyword opportunities, plus the best keywords that demonstrate ‘intent to buy’.

Need help with your SEO strategy? Get in touch and I’ll help you blow your competition out of the water.


2. Improve your product listing marketing copy

It’s not good enough to simply come up in lots of customer searches on Amazon. You also need to persuade your customer that their life would be better with your product in it. To do this, you need rich benefit-lead marketing copy that tells the customer how your product is going to improve their life. Get rid of feature-heavy copy (copywriters call it the ‘curse of knowledge’) that customers will find difficult to read or understand. Your customer has one question in mind – “what’s in it for me?”

Hire an experienced Amazon copywriter to do this for you, because investment in this area will pay for itself many times over through improved sales.


3. Use professional, high-resolution images

Your main product image is one of the first things customers see in the search results, and it informs part of their decision to click through to your product listing. This main product image must be of high quality, and visually show exactly what your product is. This main image must instill trust in your product and brand instantly, so an investment in this area will also pay back.

In addition to high-quality product shots, utilize lifestyle photography showing models that are similar to your target audience enjoying your product. This allows your potential customer to imagine their life with your product in it, and relate to the models in the images. Again, these images must be of high quality in order to build trust and credibility in your brand.


4. Consider Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or A+ detail pages

If you have a trademark, you can become ‘Brand Registered’ with Amazon. This allows you to create product listings that have images and text modules throughout the page, offering the customer an enhanced brand experience.

Getting a trademark costs less than you think, and it is worth considering to benefit from all of the extra services Amazon provides to brand registered professional sellers. When you have this status, Amazon will weed out copy cat sellers and protect your brand from infringement.

This means that you will always have the buy box, and will be able to set your own pricing without having to compete with cheap knock-off sellers. You also get superior support from Amazon itself, so it is well worth considering this avenue for your brand.

Hire an Enhanced Brand Content consultant and copywriter to help you create rich content that will delight your customers.


5. Take part in Amazon Lightning Deals and Prime Day Deals

By participating in these promotions, your product will get in front of a larger audience. And, while you have to offer a discount on your product, you could also see that as marketing and advertising spend. With every new customer you reach that you wouldn’t have otherwise, you are creating a potential brand ambassador who will spread the word about your brilliant product. Word of mouth is one of the best ways a brand can build a solid and loyal customer base.


6. Use blog articles and social media to promote your product

Take your targeted keyword list and create blog articles that incorporate those search terms so you can drive organic traffic to your product listing. Amazon loves external traffic being driven to a product listing, and it is a chance to attract highly targeted customers to your product page.

Distribute those blog articles on social media and create discounts, promotions, and campaigns that will engage your desired audience. By driving external traffic to your product listing, the Amazon bots will start to take notice. You will also be starting to build brand awareness, which is something you should be working on from the very start of your venture.

If you implement all of the above Amazon white hat hacks, you will start to see significant growth in sales. If you want a successful Amazon business, stay away from those black hat hacks and tactics. Cheating will only come back to bite you in the long term!




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