Amazon Selling Techniques: How to Seriously Improve Sales


If you have an existing product listing on Amazon that you want to optimize, or if you’re just starting out and want to know how to get off on the best foot, the Amazon selling techniques I’m going to share with you in this post will show you how to improve your sales.


1. Make sure your listing has rich, benefit-lead marketing copy

Besides having a good product, this is the #1 factor in getting your customer to ADD TO CART. Not only does quality sales copy build trust in you as a seller and credibility for your brand, it also tells the customer how your product is going to improve their life. That’s the difference between benefits and features.

I see so many listings that are feature heavy, and unfortunately, these listings are missing out on a foundational principal of sales – getting the customer to imagine their life using your product.

Need help with rich benefit-lead marketing copy? Then you need my Amazon product listing service.


2. Make sure your product listing is SEO optimized

The next important thing to ensure is that you have a competitive keyword strategy. My top selling clients have found great success with the single keyword strategy (as opposed to repeating the same words in phrases over and over again). Knowing the prime real estate for SEO is key.

When I work on a listing for my clients, I conduct competitor analysis and comprehensive keyword research to create a targeted frontend and backend list. This makes sure their product comes up in many more searches than before, which significantly boosts traffic and sales (because they have great copy to convert that traffic).


3. Use classic sales techniques

Google ‘classic sales techniques’ and you’ll find a lot of advice about proven sales strategies that work time and time again because they are based on human psychology.

For example, you probably know about ‘urgency’ and ‘scarcity’. These techniques work brilliantly if you apply them in the right way without being too spammy in style. The classic example being a limited time offer.


4. Provide outstanding customer service

This is a slow burner, but definitely pays back and is something you should be really focusing on. Positive feedback is essential to the ongoing success of an Amazon product listing and great customer service can compel customers to leave a rave review, sometimes being even more effective than your awesome product.

Be responsive. Rectify any problems immediately and without question. Provide real value in what you’re offering. Be friendly and professional in tone. And ask yourself – how can I go the extra mile?


5. Use a positive feedback tool

There are several tools out there that let you manage your customer feedback and automated email series. One of the best that I recommend to my clients is AMZMailer. It’s really ease to use, offers guaranteed ROI and has great customer service to boot. Check it out!


6. Consider sponsored advertising

If your listing has slipped in rankings or you’re trying to launch with a bang, you should consider Amazon PPC advertising. It is one way to come up at the top of the search results above your competitors, unless they are doing it too, in which case you’ll need to outbid them for your chosen keywords.

But it’s definitely worth a trial, especially if you’re starting out or looking for new ways to improve your Amazon sales.


7. Create a website to drive traffic

Driving external traffic to your Amazon listing is one great way to improve your rankings and sales. It doesn’t need to be an all-singing, all-dancing website. Just a few nicely branded pages (Homepage with product info, About Us, Contact and Blog page).

Next, you need blog articles or social media posts (or both!) that will drive your potential customers to the website, and then on to your Amazon listing. These are the most important elements.

Conduct keyword research to find out what questions your customers are asking and what their problems are. Create articles that answer those questions and make sure they are SEO optimized. Post them on your website and include a BUY ON AMAZON call to action that links to your listing.

For social media, create engaging content that will delight your audience and keep linking to your website, which ultimately drives them to your Amazon listing. Google loves social engagement and shares, so this is a great way for your own website to get organic sales.

Implement the Amazon selling techniques above and your sales are sure to not only improve, but skyrocket!




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