Amazon SEO: Best Search Terms Optimization for Your Listing

Amazon SEO: Best Search Terms Optimization for Your Listing

Amazon’s search engine works with text characters, and the SEO keywords you use in your listing tell Amazon’s bots if your product is relevant for a customer’s search query.

If you’re a professional Amazon seller looking to increase sales of your product, it is vitally important to optimize your listing for these SEO keywords.

In this post, I’ll explain where to place your most important keywords in your listing and how to find opportunities that will give you that crucial competitive edge.


Mine opportunities in your Amazon SEO keyword research

Before doing your keyword research it’s important to do an analysis of your top competitors. What keywords are they using in their title and throughout their bullets? This will give you an idea of the keyword strategy they are going for.

When doing your keyword research (a good place to start is Google’s Keyword Planner), try and spot high volume, relevant keywords that your competitor might not be targeting.


Incorporate several search term phrases in one

Now with SEO, you don’t have to use the exact keyword phrases in the right order for a search engine to understand its meaning or relevance. They are now so advanced that they can work out singular versus plural, tenses etc…

This means that you can include several search term queries into one, to allow you to rank for all of them.

Optimizing Amazon listing with SEO search terms


Include top keywords in your Amazon title

Your product listing title is SUPER important in ranking for a certain search term. Include your top 3 or 4 SEO keywords and use every single character of your limit.

But be careful not to be spammy and diminish trust. How can you incorporate your keywords into benefits?

For example, if your keyword is ‘Mattress Topper’ try and incorporate it into a benefit:

‘Soft, Sleep-inducing Mattress Topper’

It’s important your title has a balance between benefits and SEO keywords.


Include your full keyword list within the bullets

The bullets section is the next important area to place your targeted list of about 8-10 highly relevant SEO keywords. Keep it natural and incorporate it into a sentence with a benefit (see point above)

Use every character in your back end search term box

On the back end of your listing there is a search term box that has a certain character limit depending on your category. This could be as much as 5000 characters and you should use every one of them.

Find long tail keyword phrases that can help your product come up in lots of different search results. Some sellers include their top keyword with the top selling brand name for instance.

If you invest time in your SEO keyword research and competitor analysis, and then implement the tips listed above, you should see BIG improvements in your rankings. And if your listing copy is outstanding, also in your sales!



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