Amazon Seo: How to Rank Your Product Listing Higher


Amazon Seo: How to Rank Your Product Listing Higher

Whether your a beginner seller or an Amazon Pro whose sales have plummeted, you’ll be tearing your hair out wondering how to rank your product listing higher and get more sales. It’s not only SEO that you need to get right, there are some other key areas you can optimize to improve your ranking and boost conversions.


Do comprehensive keyword research

Your keyword strategy should involve finding high volume, low competition keywords that are relevant to your product. This is especially important if your product has tons of competition on Amazon. Find the sweet spot and you’ll not only sell WAY more, but you’ll also improve your sales ranking as a result.

I highly recommend using Helium 10 for both keyword research and reverse ASIN searches. In the Cerebro app of that software you are given a score based on a number of factors including which are the best high volume, low competition keywords. A high Cerebro IQ score means there’s an opportunity staring back at you. Make sure you include the ones with the highest score in your title, and the rest in your bullets


Include your main benefit in the title

Titles stuffed only with keywords that don’t make any sense are very off putting for a customer. You need to strike the balance between persuasive benefits and keywords so that people feel compelled to click on your listing after liking what they see in the search snippets.

Remember – a benefit tells the customer how your product is going to improve their life.

So for example, if you are selling a sleeping mat for camping, this is the difference:

FEATURE: Thick 2 inch foam
BENEFIT: Sleep comfortably anywhere


Included ALL your keywords in the bullets

 You can’t fit all of your keywords in the title, so the next best place is in your bullets. Use the single keyword approach so you don’t have awkward long tail phrases interfering with your rich marketing copy.


Have rich marketing copy that converts

I see so many Amazon sellers prioritize features over benefits, mainly because of a misunderstanding on how the two differ. This results in a labor-intensive reading experience for the customer and misses an opportunity to help them imagine their life with your product in it.

Now you understand from my example above, look at your listing and see if it’s feature heavy, instead of benefit heavy. You need to change that pronto if you want to optimize for conversions. Hiring an Amazon copywriter is an investment that will pay for itself many times over!

If you need help crafting rich, persuasive marketing copy, then give me a shout.


Excellent customer service = good feedback = a higher ranking

Every word of your communication to your customers should instill trust, and your actions should back that up. If someone’s got an issue, resolve it immediately, and then go the extra mile. A bad review can negatively affect your listing for a significant period of time so do everything you can to avoid one.

Aim to delight your customers and you can’t go wrong.


Use automated emails to get more positive feedback

Creating a series of automated emails in your brand tone of voice that asks in a fun and friendly way for feedback is an easy way to improve your ranking and persuade other customers to buy your product. It continues to build trust in your brand and starts to turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

It’s also a great way to capture any negative feedback privately before it is posted on your listing. It does require a Pro account or third party feedback tool, but is totally worth it.


Consider an A+ or EBC listing

More and more sellers are creating Enhanced Brand Content and A+ listings for their products, so the bad news is, you’re going to need to create one of those in order to keep up with your competition!

The good news, is that these rich product detail pages seriously elevate your brand’s credibility in the eyes of your customer.

Warning: your content needs to be outstanding! You need elegant copy and beautiful images. Don’t cut corners here or it will do the opposite of what it’s meant to do and diminish your brand.

Check out my EBC and A+ copywriting service here.


Test, test, test

This year, one of my clients changed the title of an established listing that had started to drop off. It paid off! He jumped onto the first page within 10 minutes of changing it!

Test what works and be methodical about it. It requires patience, time and analytics, but is well worth it.


Now you’ve read my advice on how to rank your product listing higher you can go optimize your product listing and start improving your sales. Good luck!


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