Amazon SEO: Killer Listing Optimization Tips for Sellers

Amazon SEO: Killer Listing Optimization Tips for Sellers

If you’re a professional Amazon seller looking for optimization tips to increase sales, you’ve come to the right post! Follow the copywriting and SEO tips below and you’re sure to see a little boost in sales and traffic.

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Amazon listing title = benefits + SEO

Your Amazon title should include your brand name, followed by your top SEO keyword for your product, and then your key benefit. The rest of your title should also include your top 2-3 SEO keywords. Try to incorporate these keywords into your benefits if possible.

Use EVERY character of your 200 word limit for the title, avoid repetition and don’t be spammy. Most of your title appears in the search results snippets, so if it’s not as compelling as your competitor’s title, you’ve just lost a sale.

Lead bullets with clear, concise benefits

How is your product going to improve your potential customer’s life?

List 4-5 ways and make each bullet point about 1 of those benefits. You might want to make the final bullet a warranty or money back guarantee.

Make sure to include all of your SEO keywords from your targeted list in the bullet section.

Once your customers have clicked on your listing, it’s all about the rich sales and marketing copy to keep them reading down the page, nodding their heads in agreement until they ultimately ADD TO CART (or if your listing hasn’t done its job, they might click the back button). I recommend hiring a professional Amazon copywriter to create this rich sales copy for you, because it is the single most important element of your listing when it comes to converting sales.

Good copy builds trust, which is more than half the battle.

Start your product description with an inspiring headline

A headline does the job of grabbing attention and encouraging your potential customer to keep reading so you can explain how your product will change their life. Make it powerful, but don’t make false claims.

If possible, make the title bold using html, so it stands out. If you have A+ content (which is a great investment), there will be a clear space for you to include headlines in different sections of rich content.

Make your titles more user-friendly and give them the correct capitalization with this handy tool.
Amazon seo optimization tips - Amazon copywriter


After your headline, reintroduce the problem and solution

You should have identified your customer’s problem or need in the bullets, and told them how your product is the solution. You also need to do this in your product description. This is because people will skim your Amazon product listing and so you need to answer their question wherever they are looking.

Even if they have absorbed this messaging in the bullets, reinforcing it in the product description is another reminder of why they should buy your product.


Follow with benefits, then features

Benefits before features

If you’re a professional Amazon seller copywriting your own listings, this should be your mantra. Features are of course important to include, but I see so many product listings suffering from the ‘curse of knowledge’. They often include way too much technical information or suffer from long ingredients lists, which I guarantee has a direct effect on their poor conversion figures.

It’s good to include features in a bulleted list somewhere, or you can incorporate them into a benefit when writing the sales copy.

Remember to also incorporate SEO search terms naturally into your copy so it doesn’t come across as spammy.


End with a benefit-lead call to action

Literally tell the customer what you want them to do next and remind them one more time why your product is so awesome.
With the optimization tips I’ve listed above you should be able to increase your conversions and stand out more among the Amazon sellers that aren’t using any of these strategies.

A little reminder (as if you needed one): there’s a reason why the word ‘benefits’ seems like a stuff word in this post. That’s because sales copy is all about answering the customer’s number one question:

“What’s in it for me?”

The best sales copy answers this question with class, avoiding spam or false claims that destroy trust in a millisecond. Make sure this isn’t killing your Amazon sales!



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