Creating Amazon A+ Content Pages: The Essentials

If you have an Amazon Vendor Central account, great news! You can now create an Amazon A+ Content listing for free! By creating the perfect balance between images and rich marketing copy you can build trust, elevate your brand, and convert more sales.

From a basic sales point of view, A+ Content Pages (and Enhanced Brand Content listings) make your brand appear larger and more professional than when you have just a normal text listing with HTML formatting.

Basically, it looks sexier.

But you have to get it right or it could be detrimental to your sales. Here are some things you will want to check off:

What are your competitors doing?

It’s always a good idea to monitor what your competitors are doing in case they have the edge on a new sales strategy or product innovation. Don’t steal their content, but be inspired by their strategies and get innovative.

Hire an Amazon Consultant and Copywriter

A professional Amazon consultant will help you plan out your A+ listing, so that you have the right balance of copy and images, plus the right focus on the benefits and features that make your products stand out.

Create high-quality images

There is no point having an A+ Content listing if you don’t have impactful, high resolution imagery that sells in the quality of your product and the lifestyle your customers can achieve.

You need to show and tell your customers how your product is going to improve their life, because that’s all they care about.

Hire a high-quality designer, or hire someone like me who can manage both images and copy for you.


At the moment A+ Content Pages are a free feature only available to sellers with a Vendor Central account (or you can pay to have one). However, my bet is that Amazon will eventually move all sellers over to A+ Content in the not so distant future.

PRO TIP: There is another way to have a rich content listing. If you have a trademark for your product or brand, you can apply to be a ‘registered brand’ and create an EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) listing. This is similar in look to the A+ Content Pages, but the templates/modules are slightly different.



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