Hiring a technology copywriter can help your startup succeed

If you’re a technology or software startup it’s important that you connect with your users immediately. There’s a whole lot of noise and you only have a few seconds to cut through it and explain how you’re revolutionizing your space.

That’s why hiring an experienced technology or software copywriter can be a great investment. Translating a big idea or brand new concept to the average user can be challenging to do in just a few words. My tech clients often suffer from what we call ‘the curse of knowledge’. This means that they are so knowledgeable about the technical aspects of their service or product, that they find it difficult to simplify their concept into user-friendly copy.


What does a technology copywriter bring to the table?

My job as a tech and software copywriter is to fully understand the technical aspect of your business, and then translate it into something users can quickly grasp (all while being persuasive and guiding the user through the buyer’s journey so they ultimately take action).

It can be tempting for a new startup to use a less experienced copywriter to create the first round of communication. This is understandable, because budgets are tight and it’s hard for you to know how to spend your funds smartly. However, it is WORDS that communicate your big idea to your audience and investors, and it is therefore crucial for any startup, even at the early stages, to invest in a specialist wordsmith that can do that job.


Get your tech writer on board before you approach investors

At the funding stage, it is important to help investors understand your idea. Having user-friendly copy in your pitch document goes a long way to achieving that. Plus, it gives them a glimpse of what your service or product would look like for users, and lets them know you are commercially savvy.

tech startup - hiring a technology software copywriter


A unique tone of voice helps you stand out

In addition to translating all the technical details into layman’s terms, my approach is to always enhance the voice of the brand owner. This approach helps to maintain the essence of your personality and your in-depth knowledge, and helps develop a unique brand tone of voice that will be synonymous with your philosophy and style.


10 ways I will help your tech startup succeed

As a specialist freelance technology and software copywriter I will:

1. Eliminate your curse of knowledge
2. Translate your big ideas into concise, user-friendly copy
3. Create a unique tone of voice that will stand out from every other startup
4. Gain you early credibility with investors and early adopters
5. Instantly build trust in your company
6. Help you create a buyer journey that engages your potential customer
7. Create direct response copy that converts leads into customers
8. Help you build a loyal following with content that delights your users
9. Be on hand to translate new technical updates, products and services to your audience
10. Support you in growing your business and developing your brand




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