How to Find the Best Amazon Listing Services – 5 Things to Look Out For

If you type ‘Amazon listing services’ into Google, you will get many different companies and copywriters vying for your business. Let’s be honest, I am one of them.

However, I would like to share with you some tips on how to select the best person to craft the rich marketing copy of your product listing and optimize it effectively for SEO.

The choice can be overwhelming, so make sure you double-check these important factors before selecting your Amazon listing service.


1. Verifiable listing samples

If the Amazon listing service company has the experience they say they do, then they should have plenty of examples of top sellers and brands they have worked with on Amazon. For example, here are the top sellers and brands I have worked with on Amazon.

Anyone can send you links to the Amazon store, so try and get further proof that they have indeed created what they are showing you. Which leads me to number two…


2. Customer testimonials

If the copywriter or Amazon listing service company has achieved success for their clients, they should have real testimonials from happy customers recommending their service. For example, here is what my happy clients had to say about my Amazon product listing service.

Make sure the company, some of which are situated around the world, haven’t cheated and used a stock photo of a professional person. One indicator that the testimonial is fake is just giving their customer a first name.

Full names, job titles and the company they represent is what you should be looking out for, or asking them to supply.


3. Compare the copy quality

Once you have verified that the listing samples and clients are legit, compare the quality of marketing copy between Amazon listing services. Is it rich? Is it persuasive?

Which one would get you to ADD TO CART?


4. Beware the bells and whistles

Most Amazon listing services will offer you a ridiculously large word count and unlimited revisions as part of their package. This can seem like great value, but it is a big red flag.

Firstly, when it comes to marketing copy, it is quality not quantity that matters. Customers don’t want to have to read through large amounts of text. They want to hear how your product will improve their life in the most simple and concise way possible.

Of course, you have to balance that with including enough copy to incorporate your SEO keywords, but that still doesn’t mean overwhelming them with large chunks of text. So, offering a large word count for your listing is pointless and suggests that the company or individual doesn’t know what they’re doing, or is being misleading!

It is a similar scenario with unlimited revisions. Being offered this suggests that you will not receive outstanding copy the first time round, and that you will need to spend time providing your chosen writing service with feedback on revisions you would like to make.

With my Amazon listing service, I offer two rounds of revisions, knowing full well that these are rarely ever needed, or if they are, it is usually just tweaks to words based on new ideas.


Other bells and whistles to be wary of are:

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY – this person or company is demonstrating that they are a Jack of all trades, master of none.

KEYWORD RESEARCH – while this element is crucial to a successful Amazon product listing, it takes a lot of time to do it well. So, offering it for free as part of a package is suspicious (unless the package price is high). It tells you that they will not spend the required time doing a deep competitor analysis, marketplace search, Google search or professional keyword tool search. Instead, I offer keyword research as an add-on service, because it requires hard work and expertise.

PRODUCT LISTING UPLOAD – I can’t stress this enough! It is unwise to let a third-party anywhere near your Seller Central account without first verifying their identity and credentials.

Most copywriters will supply you with the rich SEO optimized marketing copy as a Word document for you to upload yourself. But there are some services that offer to do that for you as part of their package. Please be wary when using these kinds of services. Of course, if you have bulk products, you may have no choice but to use this type of company.


5. Remember – if it’s cheap, there’s a reason

This last one is synonymous with many things in life that seemed too good to be true. The truth is, that being an expert in copywriting, online marketing AND the Amazon marketplace requires years of experience and a certain professional capability.

If the package is cheap, it is a massive indicator that you are not getting someone who is genuinely experienced in, or good at, those things. Otherwise, they would command a much higher rate.

So, if you want your product to be successful on Amazon, be prepared to invest a decent portion of your budget in the listing copy and SEO optimization. I guarantee it will pay itself back many times over! If you skimp in this area, it doesn’t matter how much time, effort and money you’ve spent getting your product to market – it will fail at the last hurdle!

My Amazon listing service passes all the tests I have mentioned above and doesn’t include any unnecessary or misleading bells and whistles. GET IN TOUCH today for a quote and I’ll write your Amazon listing so it builds trust, stands out and converts sales.

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