How to Get More Traffic to Your Amazon Product Listing

Amazon seller tips: how to get more traffic to your product listing

Driving traffic to your Amazon product listing is key, but you also need to make sure it is targeted. This means that the user is your ideal customer in terms of who they are and what they are searching for.

Below, I have outlined 6 ways in which you can increase targeted traffic to your Amazon listing, which ultimately will help you increase sales:


1. SEO Research & Optimization

The best way to get organic traffic to your Amazon product listing is to optimize your sales copy with SEO search terms. For this, you need to do in-depth keyword research to see what your competitors are ranking for and what your users are searching for.

I would recommend the awesome Helium 10 for this research.

Once you have your list of keywords, place them naturally throughout your listing copy (or use my Amazon listing service if you want a Pro to do it). The key real estate for placement is the title of your listing and the five feature bullet points.

Make sure you put as many keywords as you can in your title while still making sense. And put all of them in your bullets.


2. Amazon PPC Campaign

This should be part of any launch strategy to give your product listing a boost from the get-go. In many instances, sponsored ads appear above the number one organically ranked product, so it’s well worth allocating a bit of budget to this.

The opportunities and cheap clicks lie in finding a few low competition keywords that have a decent search volume.


3. Facebook & Google Ads

Amazon loves it when you send external traffic to their marketplace, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely in the rankings for it.

Facebook and Google Adwords PPC ads allow you to really drill down on your audience demographics and target your ideal customer. They also help you to make those first vital sales that will make the Amazon bots take notice of your product.

For this, you’ll need a killer direct response copywriter to make sure your clicks turn into conversions.


4. Product website & blog articles

Another effective way to drive traffic to your Amazon listing is to create a simple product website and post blog articles around the topic your product relates to – this is called Content Marketing.

Through keyword research you can find out what questions your ideal customer is looking to answer when they do a Google search. Create blog posts around these questions and problems, and you will get highly targeted organic traffic to your product website. You can then direct them to buy your product on Amazon. Or alternatively, make the sale on your own website and make a better margin!

Targeted organic traffic like this is invaluable because the user is already primed to buy your product.


5. Social media content

Once you have created blog articles around your niche, you can distribute the links to them across your social media accounts. When you post the link to your article, try to use fun, engaging language that makes people click the link. Use relevant hashtags within your post to reach a targeted audience.

Create other snippets of relevant content and link to both your Amazon listing and website. Build an engaging feed that people will want to follow. Be informative, be fun, and delight your audience.

Keep doing this and you’ll create a steady flow of traffic to your Amazon listing.


6. Good old fashioned ‘Word of Mouth’

And finally, let’s not forget about a more traditional way you can get traffic to your Amazon listing – Word of Mouth.

This can be as simple as your friends and family telling their network of people about your product, or your first customers telling their friends or other Amazon customers via a review.

For the latter, you’ll need to provide excellent customer service and value from the outset, followed by a sequence of automated emails that persuades the customer to take a few minutes out of their day to provide feedback. You can use third party feedback services like Feedback Genius for this.


Working on just a few of the above areas will attract more targeted traffic to your Amazon product listing. And more targeted traffic always means more sales!

Want professional help creating a product website or content that attracts your ideal customer? Then GET IN TOUCH to tell me about your product and I’ll provide you with my recommendations and a free quote!

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