How to Increase Your Website Sales With SEO Optimization

As a professional copywriter, I have said many times in my posts how important rich, persuasive marketing copy is when it comes to making sales. But, you also need to attract your ideal customer to your website in order for them to read your carefully written sales copy.

To do that, you need to conduct deep keyword research and optimize your website pages with those search terms. Done correctly, this free organic traffic will be primed and ready to hear your sales pitch.


First let’s look at keyword research…

The best place to start is with your competitors. Analyze their websites and make a note of how they describe their product or service. This will form the beginning of your keyword list.

You then need to take that list and put each phrase into the Google search bar to see what the automatic suggestions are for that root keyword.

website optimization service - Google search suggestions


Remember to try and find search terms that show intent to buy.

If you are doing keyword research because you plan to attract organic traffic via content marketing then search terms that begin with things like ‘how to’ and ‘what is’ or ‘how can I’ are perfect phrases to form your blog posts around.

Once you have developed your list from competitor research and Google suggestions, you can then use a professional keyword research tool to find more keyword opportunities, along with monthly volume statistics and competitive rankings per search term.

From here, you can drill down and create a targeted list that balances a good monthly search volume with medium to low competition.


Now optimize your website pages with those keywords

Once you have that deeply researched list, you now need to place those keywords naturally throughout your website copy. This can be tricky because you don’t want to spoil your rich marketing copy, but you also need the search terms to be included in order for the Google bots to recognize that they should serve up your website in the search results.


I will let you in on a little PRO TIP…

Place your keywords strategically in page elements like section headers, image captions, image file names, and in the footer section of your website.

I recommend hiring an experienced website copywriter to do all of this for you. A professional copywriter who is well versed in SEO optimization will weave your target search terms into your marketing copy seamlessly.


It may be tempting to bury your head in the sand when it comes to SEO optimization. But trust me, if you make a little effort in this area you can achieve the Holy Grail of online marketing – attracting customers that are already primed to buy your product or service without having to pay for their visit via PPC ads.




As an experienced SEO copywriter, I’ve helped many brands and online entrepreneurs
make a ton of money by attracting organic traffic to their website



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