How to List a New Product on Amazon: Optimize for Success

How to List a New Product on Amazon: Optimize for Success

With over 300 million users actively looking to make a purchase, Amazon is the number 1 platform for any manufacturer or entrepreneur wanting to sell their products online.

Why spend all of your budget driving traffic to your own website when you can target millions of users all in one place who are browsing or actively searching for your product!?

In this post, I’ll show you the steps you need to take to listing a new product on Amazon, and how to optimize your listing for success.

Let’s take a look at the steps…


1. Sign up at Amazon Seller Central

If you have your product ready to go, head over to Amazon Seller Central and create an account. Here you’ll be able to set up your product listing and pricing, and get access to many tools that will help you calculate your costs and fulfilment options.


2. Fulfilled By Amazon, or you?

The next big decision to make is whether you are going to ship the orders direct to customers yourself (you’ll probably need to add a shipping cost), or whether you want Amazon to pick, pack and ship it for you from their warehouses (you’ll need to send them inventory).

There are many advantages to Amazon FBA, like more prominent listings, no work for you, a more attractive listing to Prime members etc… but, there are fees involved and therefore you don’t make as much profit. However, that depends on how you value your time.

Check out this FBA calculator to see the fees and margins involved. Just find a similar product to the one you want to sell to simulate the comparison.


3. Hire an expert Amazon copywriter

There’s a serious amount of competition in every category on Amazon, so you need to create an outstanding listing that sells! Hire an expert Amazon copywriter to create rich, SEO optimized marketing copy that ranks your listing high in the search results, and converts the customer once they’re on the page. Your listing needs to be super persuasive and benefit-lead!

Listing a new product on Amazon - optimizing for success


4. Use great images

Another element that is essential for a successful listing is great product and lifestyle imagery. Make sure your product image appears on a clean white background and include multiple angles so your potential customer can get a good look at what they’re buying.

High quality lifestyle imagery of your ideal target audience enjoying your product can also help with conversions, but it’s not essential.

You can now also include a video in your listing, which is another powerful way to convert your potential customers.


5. Create an automated email sequence that builds trust and gets reviews

Don’t let your customer contact stop when they check out. Amazon allows you to send automated emails to every customer who has purchased your product, so use this sequence to delight them with some extra content and politely ask for a review.

I recommend a 3 email sequence over 2-3 weeks. Give them some tips about using your product, use a friendly, conversational tone that builds trust and loyalty, then ask if they wouldn’t mind taking a moment to share their feedback.

If you need help with this, GIVE ME A SHOUT.


6. Provide exceptional customer service

If you’re going the Amazon FBA route, they will handle returns and customer support, and if not, you’ll have to cover that side of things yourself. Be super friendly, helpful and polite, and you’ll receive positive reviews and repeat business (assuming your product is great!).

One part of your product listing that Amazon doesn’t handle, is the Questions and Answers section about your product. Other customers can answer the questions your potential customers have, but this is a chance to demonstrate on your listing that you provide friendly and helpful customer service. So answer the questions professionally and quickly, and again, it will pay dividends.
And that, in a few nutshells, is how to list a new product on Amazon and optimize your listing for success.

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