How to market and advertise your business to boost sales

How to market and advertise your business to boost sales

Businesses need cash flow to stay afloat and for that they need to generate sales. But how can you stimulate sales quickly and effectively online? In this post, I share my top 5 marketing and advertising tips that offer the potential to boost your sales fast.

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1. Set up a Google Adwords campaign

The wonderful thing about Google Adwords is that you can start generating leads and sales almost immediately. Any click could turn into a customer! You will need compelling ad copy that stands out from all the other advertisers and you’ll need to optimize your campaign settings to attract the right type of traffic, but if you have the right product or service, this is an excellent way to market your business.

If it’s right for your product or service, you can also advertise on social media platforms like Facebook or Pinterest for similarly quick results.


2. Send out a press release

This might be seen as old school, but everything is done digitally nowadays, making it an online marketing strategy not to be missed.

By creating a newsworthy press release about your business, your story could be picked up by blogs, online media sites AND print publications. The awareness and reach of this is massive and the best thing is, once you’ve distributed your press release with a few clicks of a button (or got someone to do it for you), coverage can happen quickly!


3. Create a compelling offer for an email campaign

Out of all the ways to market your business, email campaigns have constantly proven to be one of the most effective. And again, results can happen quickly. You obviously need an email list to market to, but if you can get someone to open your email and click your offer, they could easily convert into a customer in a matter of minutes.

You need a subject line that recipients feel compelled to open and you need an offer they just can’t miss out on. Get that right and your sales can skyrocket!


How to market and advertise your business to boost sales


4. Post 2 engaging blog posts per week

This online marketing strategy has a slightly longer lead time, but is one of the best ways to get highly specific, targeted traffic to come to you, which is why it’s called ‘inbound marketing’. Use Google Keyword Planner to find out what questions your ideal target audience are searching for. Write interesting and informative blog posts to answer those questions and include the keywords within the text so you come up in the search results.


5. Test your sales copy

If you’re getting impressions but no clicks, or traffic but no conversions, there’s probably something wrong with your copy. ALWAYS test different headlines and call to actions (CTAs) to see what converts. Only change one thing at a time so you know what is or isn’t working. Small tweaks can have a dramatic effect! And the resulting sales could be instant.


The online marketing and advertising strategies I’ve covered above can get surprisingly quick results and help boost sales for your business. If you want to know more…



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