How to optimize your Amazon product listing

Amazon listing service - optimization tips

As an expert Amazon copywriter, I use a fail-safe formula that works time and time again to increase my client’s sales rank and convert sales. I’m going to share some of the tools from my Amazon listing service with you for free.

By now you will have correctly identified that outstanding copy is the #1 factor in achieving a successful Amazon product listing. A lot of Amazon sellers don’t put as much importance on the content of their listing as they should, and so it is a real chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors if you invest time and budget in this area.


1. SEO keyword placement

You can improve your rankings by strategically placing keywords in the title, bullets and product description. Lots of sellers don’t maximize on these opportunities and so it’s a good way to differentiate your listing. Make a list of the highest search volume keywords (with ideally the least competition!) and place them naturally in your sales copy.

Warning – if you overstuff and don’t place your keywords naturally in your Amazon listing you are going to lose the trust of your potential customer and they won’t ADD TO CART. You’ll be wasting all that valuable traffic!

2. Grab Attention

Now your potential customer is on your page, you need to get them to keep reading. What claims can you make about your product that is going to change their life and make them read down the page to find out how?

3. HTML Formatting

You can also differentiate your listing with html formatting of the Amazon product description section. Even separating headlines, making them bold and adding a few bullet points makes a huge difference to the professional feel of the listing.

I include html code to format your product description as part of my Amazon listing service.

4. Rich, Persuasive Sales Copy

Once you have your potential customer on the page, it’s all about the rich, persuasive sales copy that will convert them. This needs to be benefit lead, not feature stuffed. I see so many listings that suffer from ‘the curse of knowledge’.

Here’s how to differentiate between a feature and a benefit:

Feature = ingredients lists, Made in the USA, product dimensions and materials
Benefit = improve your life, drop a dress size, relax more, look younger

5. Create Urgency and Scarcity

At the bottom of your listing, give your customers the feeling they need to add to cart now. A limited time bonus offer can be effective and so can a limited supply of stock. This creates the feeling that your customers might miss out if they don’t order your product immediately.

If your competitor doesn’t have any of the above, that is good news! It means they aren’t maximizing on the opportunities available, which means you have the opportunity to surpass them and become a bestseller in your category.

If you want to leave it to an expert Amazon copywriter, GET IN TOUCH. Included in my Amazon listing service is all of the above and much more to make your product rank high and convert a ton of sales.

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