How to sell a CBD or Hemp Product on Amazon

How to sell a CBD or Hemp Product on Amazon - CBD Copywriiter


As an expert Amazon listing copywriter, I’ve had lots of questions from sellers about CBD, cannabis and hemp products. The main one being ‘How do I legally sell a CBD or Hemp product on Amazon?’

The cannabis and medical marijuana industry are exploding (especially in the UK & US) and its related products are flying off the virtual shelves. If you’re a CBD brand, you’ll need to establish a presence on Amazon fast if you want to take advantage of the tens of millions of shoppers who are on the platform ready to spend money. It’s just such an incredible source of primed customers!

Before you can start selling, however, there are a few things you need to know…

1. You can’t include keywords like ‘CBD’ in your listing copy

That’s a pretty major stumble block, you might be thinking. Well, it is a pain, but other CBD brands have got around this by listing their product as ‘Hemp oil drops’ or a ‘Hemp extract supplement’.

I have seen some sellers using ‘CBD’ on their packaging labels, and including that in the listing images, but you would be taking a risk if you do this. You’re likely to convert more sales because that is what the customer is looking for, however, that is probably only going to be a short-term sales win before you get caught. Amazon isn’t shy to suspend accounts.

2. You can use ‘CBD’ & ‘cannabis’ in your backend keywords

Fortunately, your product listing’s backend ‘search terms’ box is where you can list all of your relevant keywords without restrictions. So here, for example, you can enter CBD, cannabidiol, cannabis, marijuana etc…

The Amazon algorithm uses these backend keywords (along with your frontend listing copy) to bring you up in the results of customer searches, so this is a really important area to focus on.

3. You can’t mention serious health conditions

If you say in your listing copy that your product cures, treats or helps the symptoms of serious conditions like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s, you are likely to get your listing and/or your account suspended.

Instead, you are allowed to claim ‘overall health benefits’ and I have seen most brands also get away with the relief of pain, stress and anxiety. This is in line with the food supplement industry.

4. Exceptional branding and listing copy will make you stand out

In any booming market, it’s the sellers that have the best marketing that cut through and dominate the space. Don’t skimp on branding, packaging design and your listing’s sales copy.

Know your target audience, relate to their lifestyle and tell them how your product is going to improve their life. Hire a high-quality graphic designer and CBD copywriter to help you do this, otherwise, your venture into the lucrative world of Amazon will fail from the get-go.

5. You need to build trust & demonstrate credibility

With a product such as this, you need to address your customers’ purchasing barriers, which are often:

– Can I trust that this is a genuine product?
– Is it the highest quality product I can buy?
– Is it worth the high cost?
– Will it do what it says it is going to do?

The first way to address this is to list any accreditations your product may have, for example, a Soil Association accreditation.

You can also use social proof to build trust and credibility, like great customer reviews, press coverage, or annual customer numbers from your ecommerce site.

You’re ready to make money on Amazon!

Now all you need to do is register at Amazon Seller Central for an account. I’d recommend the Pro account with FBA delivery (for Prime members). Then just set up your listing details, plug in your professional copy and images to the right boxes, set your inventory – and you’re off!




As an experienced CBD copywriter, I’ve helped many top sellers and brands
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