How to Write an Outstanding About Us Page

How to Write an Outstanding About Us Page


Your About Us page is one of your website’s most important sections. It needs to be outstanding in order to build trust and persuade your website visitors to become customers. Get it right and you’ll create loyal customers that will help your new company or startup to grow.

Firstly, don’t worry. Many new business owners and startups don’t know what to write in the About Us section of a website. It doesn’t mean your business is going to fail if you haven’t worked out how to articulate what your company stands for yet.

That’s where this blog post can help.

As a professional website copywriter, here are my tip tops for creating a killer About Us page:

Write in a tone that connects

No one likes an About Us or About Me page that feels stiff and reads like a resume, and so I always advocate adding personality when writing this section of your website. This can also be a place to identify your new company’s unique tone of voice, so I recommend starting with your About Us page before any other.

Writing the content for this section is a valuable exercise that helps you work out who you are and what you stand for, so it’s beneficial to get at least a first draft done early on.

However, don’t worry if you’ve started setting up your business already and haven’t perfected, or even written it yet. A professional About Us page should evolve over time anyway, so start creating it now.


Answer your potential customers’ questions

While I advocate an impactful About Us page with lots of personality, you also have to answer some important questions, like:

What is the history or story of your company?

What professional experience do you have?

What is the mission and philosophy of your new company or startup?

These questions allow your website visitors to decide if they trust you.


Be innovative with your About Us page structure

It’s much more important to write with meaning and passion than sticking to a template you’ve found online. As long as you can communicate your ideas concisely (without BS!), you can be creative with the structure.

Saying that, if you have something that will give you serious credibility (a big investor or high profile experience, for example), then you’ll want to position that content near the beginning.


How to write an about us page for a website - copywriting service


How is your product or service going to improve their life?

An About Us page is a great location to drop your elevator pitch. Write about the benefits, not the features of your product or service and explain to your potential customer how you can solve their problem(s). How will their life be better after becoming your customer? Don’t be afraid to draw a picture and use the word “imagine”.


Don’t write a novel

I would recommend writing no more than 300 words of text when creating a professional About Us page. Avoid huge paragraphs (no more than around 6-7 lines) and punctuate the text with bold, inspiring headers to make it easier on the eye and less of a laborious read. Also, include high quality images wherever possible, which makes for richer content.

Always ask yourself the question: would I want to read this?


Include any socially responsible practices

Do part of your profits go to a good cause? Are your operations and purchasing decisions environmentally friendly and sustainable? Do you work to benefit your local community? If so, make sure you include this in your About Us page content when creating it. Again, this will go a long way to winning the trust and loyalty of your customers.

If you don’t have any socially responsible practices, then I’d recommend implementing some. There are many worthy causes to align your business with.


Give your new company a face

This isn’t always possible (if you still have a day job for example), but if you can, include your name and a professional photo on your About Us page. If you have a team, include details of them too. If you don’t include this content you risk making the business seem faceless, which does not inspire trust!


Now you’ve learnt my top tips on how to write a professional About Us page for your website, go ahead and start creating your draft. Approach it with a sense of fun and passion and you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

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