Increase Your Amazon Sales The Guerrilla Way

This is one of my favorite tips for professional Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs looking to increase their rank and sales!

Amazon LOVES it when a product listing gets external traffic. That is when customers arrive at your listing page via social media, Google search, a direct link or anywhere that isn’t the Amazon search bar.

The reward? Higher rankings, which means more sales.

In this post, I’m going to share three creative ideas on how to drive traffic to your Amazon product listing.



Most Amazon sellers have a social presence, but unfortunately, the content is rarely good enough to cut through and inspire action. Most sellers only focus on SEO optimization, which is key, but you need to do more to get your brand noticed.

It’s increasingly difficult to win that CLICK, which means your social media content needs to be different in order to grab attention. Be funny, offer invaluable insight to a common problem, create a bold voice that commands attention, or create a striking visual identity that is powerful and original.

Then you need to be consistent and post regular content in your chosen style.

It is this type of unique content that users share, and if you’re lucky enough, one of your posts can go viral.

But what if you’re not a good writer or can’t think of a stand out strategy?

That’s when you hire a copywriter that can!



There’s one thing your Amazon competitors don’t have access to – your local community or network.

But how can you use this to your advantage?

For this tip, you’re going to have to go back to some good ole fashioned offline marketing techniques.

First learn where your audience hangs out. If you’re selling cool t-shirts, that might be your local skate park, or if you’re selling accessories for wine lovers, it might be your local wine club.

Go to these locations and hand out some printed fliers. Talk to your audience. Offer a great discount in exchange for a review. Run a competition. Hand out free stuff. If you’re audience is big enough, you could even throw a local event or party.

The idea is to create brand ambassadors that will spread the word. And people are way more inclined to do that if they have met you in person and they think they are supporting one of their own. (Don’t be afraid to get your friends or even your Mom involved!)

Also contact local magazines or small newspapers for a mention, giveaway, review or, if you’re lucky, an editorial piece. They’re often looking for content, and ‘local boy or girl done good’ can make a cheerful piece.

Once you start thinking locally, ideas and opportunities will pop up everywhere.



Let’s go back online.

The signature in your email and online user accounts can be used to subtly drive traffic to your product listing.

If you post comments in any niche forums where your target audience hangs out, or if you’re commenting on any relevant blog articles or answering a question on Quora, your signature link can be a powerful secret traffic generator.

Write something clickable and benefit-lead, and hyperlink it to your Amazon product listing.

For example:

Jane Doe
CEO at < Company Name >
Discover the comfiest pillow on Amazon <—- hyperlink this to your product description


To go guerrilla with your Amazon marketing, you need to take your head away from the marketplace and work out a strategy to get your brand and product noticed elsewhere. Do it with some degree of success and the Amazon bots will reward you handsomely.




My creative copywriting service has helped many top Amazon sellers do just that.



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