Make Money On Amazon: How to Become A Professional Seller

Make Money On Amazon: 5 Expert Tips on How to Become A Professional Seller

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you might have wondered: is selling on Amazon worth it and how easy is it to make money? Becoming a professional seller and selling products on Amazon can be hugely rewarding if done right, so I’m going to share some expert tips on how to sell on Amazon like a pro.

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1. Choosing the right product is key

Sure, you can see what is flying off the virtual shelves by searching Amazon Bestsellers and finding early opportunities. But for this, you need to act fast and get the product in stock with your unique branding before the competition gets too high.

Professional sellers also find products that are wildly popular in other territories (using a tool like Trendosaur to identify early product trends), and bring them to their domestic market.

Professional resellers have teams of people looking for used items at flea markets or garage sales that they then sell on Amazon for a profit. Anything from books and old comics, to a unique lamp or ornament (how to sell a book on Amazon requires another blog post altogether!). These professional resellers have made A LOT of money selling used items on Amazon, but they started off trawling those flea markets by themselves before building a team.

And that’s the beauty of it. There are a ton of ways to make money with Amazon!


2. A sleek, professional listing is crucial

You can have the most innovative, exciting product on the market, but if your product listing isn’t good enough, you won’t persuade people to buy it.

In order to sell things on Amazon, you will need rich, persuasive, benefit lead marketing copy in a classic sales structure, and a keyword strategy that will drive traffic to your page. Your listing needs to build trust and answer the customer’s number one question: What’s in it for me?


Make money on Amazon: become a professional Amazon seller


3. Excellent customer service wins reviews

Customer reviews are crucial for your product’s ranking on Amazon and they also help to establish much needed credibility and trust. Don’t let your efforts stop when someone checks out. Provide them with additional help and information about your product, provide friendly support and offer a refund if there’s anything wrong.

If they finish their interaction with you feeling like they’ve had a positive experience, they will be happy to leave positive feedback when you ask for it. And you should definitely be asking for it in your follow-up email sequence.


 4. Monitor your competitors

Amazon is competitive. Become a professional Amazon seller by constantly monitoring your competition to see if they are doing anything differently to you, or better than you. It’s not rocket science and the great thing is, you can respond quickly by tweaking your listing strategy.

Are they offering something for free? Have they identified a compelling benefit you’ve failed to include in your copy? Have they used an expert Amazon listing service and you haven’t?


5. Once you’ve hit the right formula, repeat

Most professional Amazon sellers have more than one product in their range, and all they’ve done is just repeat the same process. Some will go where the opportunity is, meaning there’s no link between their products, but others grow their brand and take advantage of the fact that customers often buy similar products. The great thing is, once you’ve got the formula right for one product, all you need to do is repeat.


It is totally possible to make money on Amazon and become a professional seller. Thousands of online entrepreneurs and digital nomads do it every day. Plus, now you have some pro tips to get ahead of the competition!




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