Make Money With Amazon: Seller Name Ideas That Stand Out

Make Money With Amazon: Seller Name Ideas That Stand Out

If you want to start selling products through Amazon, you need a seller name that will help you build trust and stand out from your competitors. In this post, you’ll find some creative ideas and strategies that will help you create a kick ass seller name worthy of a serious professional brand.

If you’re a complete beginner, you might want to check out this blog post, which covers how to sell stuff on Amazon in 8 easy steps.


1. Make a list of words that are relevant to your product

The key here is to brainstorm in a stream of consciousness and write down WHATEVER words come to mind when you think of your product or industry. For example, if you were selling a kitchen gadget, your list could look like this:

Kitchen, cook, gadgets, cookware, chef, utensils, tools, steaming, boiling, grill, grip, handy, easy, simple, gastro…


2. Add the personal element to your list

Anything goes here! Write it all down and add to your list above. From the names of your family members and pets, to your street name, town you live in, likes and dislikes. Just write down anything that feels personal to you.


3. What are some cool brand names in your category?

I’m not suggesting ripping your competitors off (obvs), but by studying their brand and other brands that you admire, you can be inspired.

What kind of words do they use? What is the format of the company name?


4. Put the list into categories and create a formula

By studying other brands you could also spot a formula, for example:

Personal element + Product/Industry keyword + Business Entity

 Which might look like this:

Avery Cookware Company

Or any combination from your list above:

Harper’s Kitchen
Madison Row Cookware
Gastro Gadgets

All of these names you can hit upon by mixing and matching words in different categories of your lists.


5. Use word cards for random (perhaps inspired!) ideas

One way to make the process more creative and spontaneous is to write all of your words on cards or pieces of paper and try random combinations. You might hit upon something truly original, or at the least get some more out of the box ideas that make your brand name disruptive in a competitive market. Unique names can also be more memorable.


6. Don’t forget to check if the name already exists!

This seems like a no brainer, but if you fall in love with a name and get carried away, you can forget to check if it’s already been nabbed by someone else. Search your name idea on Google, Amazon and the free Trademark Search Database on the US government website.

If it doesn’t show up, AWESOME! You’ve got yourself an original seller name.

Once you’ve got a great product and a stand out seller name, you’re ready to start selling on Amazon. Next you need a seriously persuasive product listing! And that is something I have a ton of experience with…




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