3 top tips to optimize and differentiate your Amazon listing

Amazon listing service - top 3 tips


Copy is the most important factor when optimizing your Amazon listing. There are however some other things you can do as a seller in addition to hiring an expert Amazon copywriter.

I’ve listed my top 3 tips below which will help you build trust and differentiate your listing from your competitors.

1. Use high quality images

The images of your product are one of the first things your potential customer on Amazon experiences, so they have to be of a high quality if you want to convert sales, or even get the user to click on your listing in the first place.

That first image that is displayed is so important because that is what appears on your thumbnail and as the main image of your product listing. Once you have the user on your listing, a high proportion of them won’t look at the other images you have on there, so they will be making a judgement based on your first one.

There are two types of images you should have: lifestyle and product shots. The lifestyle shots should be high quality stock photography that shows a model in the same demographic as your target audience, enjoying your product. The product shot should be a close up of your product from different angles and on a white background.

There’s no point investing in an expert Amazon listing service then cutting corners with your images.

2. Shoot an advertorial or how-to video

This is favourable for both Amazon and your potential customer. You don’t need a huge budget to create something with a decent production value and you don’t have to be in the shot. In can be as simple as a close up of your hands or someone else’s hands using your product. You could also hire someone quite cheaply to do it for you on sites like Fiverr.com. You could also get your Amazon copywriter to help you out.

Video reviews are also attractive to Amazon and potential customers.

3. Answer questions professionally and politely

When people ask questions about your product, if they see you can give great customer service by giving a professional and informative answer, you will gain trust. Remember that the majority of visitors to your Amazon product listing will be browsing these questions and answers. Show them you’re a pro and that they can trust your customer service.

If you take care of the three areas above (in addition to hiring an Amazon copywriter) to create powerful SEO optimized sales copy for your page, you’ll be well ahead of most other sellers.

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