Professional Seller Tips: How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Professional Seller Tips: How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Amazon has become a seriously competitive marketplace and professional sellers need to know all the tricks in the book to achieve a high sales rank for their product. In this post, I’ll share my top SEO tips, how to optimize your listing’s marketing copy to seriously increase sales, and a few other little nuggets that will help your product kill it on Amazon.

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Include top SEO keywords in your title

Having done research, your SEO keywords list should be split out into the following:

– Top 3
– Top 10
– Full list for backend and content marketing

Your top 3 keywords should be in your title, with the most important as near to the beginning as possible after your brand name. Any more than 3 is spammy, which does not build trust. Plus, you need to leave room for the all-important benefits…


Include benefits in your title

Your sales copy needs to answer your potential customer’s primary question, which is:

“What’s in it for me?”

By putting benefits (i.e. how your product is going to improve their life – younger skin, faster mealtime prep etc…) in the first half of your title, they will show up in the snippets of the search results page. This will differentiate your listing from the majority of other listings and should result in more potential customers clicking on your listing.


Put your top 10 SEO search terms in the bullets

None of us can be 100% certain how the Amazon algorithm ranks products, but I can tell you that my clients who are top sellers on Amazon put all of their SEO keywords in the bullets. They do extremely well using this approach.

Of course, it’s very tricky to place a lot of keywords naturally throughout rich, persuasive marketing copy, which is why they hire me to nail it for them.


Make the bullets benefit lead, not feature heavy

Benefits again! Yep, you also need to answer that primary consumer question in the bullets as well, if you want to increase sales. Some professional Amazon sellers start each bullet with a concise benefit in CAPS. Personally, I think that’s an easier read for the customer and my #1 bestseller and #1 new release listings used this style, but as always, do some testing to find out what converts best.


Professional Seller Tips - How to Increase Sales on Amazon


Optimize your listing for mobile

On mobile, your product listing only displays the top 3 bullets on the first page, requiring a deeper level of interaction to display the others. To optimize your Amazon product listing for mobile and to increase sales, make sure your 3 most compelling, benefit lead bullets are in the first positions.


Lead with an inspiring headline in the product description

It’s not just about SEO keywords on Amazon. It’s also about rich marketing copy that builds trust and inspires someone to think, “I need this product to improve my life”.

And for that, you need listing elements like an inspiring headline. If your product is a revolutionary new toy that allows your customers to have hours of fun with their kids, tell them with an attention-grabbing headline! The features of your product can then back up the claim.


End your listing with a powerful call to action

This is a classic and well-used sales technique, but it’s surprising how many professional Amazon sellers don’t have this element at the end of their listing. Once the customer has read your listing, you need to tell them what you want them to do, which in the Amazon marketplace is ADD TO CART.

If you include a top benefit (yep, there’s that word again) in the call to action, you remind the customer why they need your product in their life, just before they make the purchasing decision.


Consider sponsored advertising

Once you have a tight, optimized product listing with naturally placed SEO search terms and rich, persuasive marketing copy, consider whether you can afford to invest in sponsored Amazon PPC ads. If you’re not ranking on the first page just yet, these sponsored PPC ads make your product appear at the top, or side of the organic results. This obviously has a cost involved, but if you increase your sales, you improve your ranking. If you have the budget, it can be worth it.

If you go this route, just remember to make your title a mix of SEO search terms and compelling BENEFITS.

Now you know these nuggets of Amazon optimization wisdom, you can go forth and tweak your listing to increase sales. Or, if you want to invest in giving your listing an expert touch, you can hire me to do it.



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