Should I Build a Website for My Amazon FBA Product?

Amazon FBA tips - should I build a website for my product
Once you’ve launched your Amazon FBA product listing on the Marketplace, your efforts should now be focused on marketing your product and driving external traffic to your listing.

A great way to do this is to build a simple product website.

Here are five reasons why building a website for your Amazon FBA product is a brilliant idea:

1. You can attract your ideal customer

Having a product website allows you to post blog articles that target a niche audience by answering their questions and solving their problems. You can then send these primed customers to your Amazon listing.

Amazon loves it when you send external traffic to your product listing, and you will notice a difference in your sales rank if you can do this effectively.

2. You don’t have to stick to Amazon’s rules

With your own product website there are no strict character limits or content limits that you have to stick to, which means you can be far more creative and flexible with the way you market your FBA product.

3. You can make sales without paying high commissions

If you create an ecommerce product website it allows your visitors buy your product directly on your site, meaning you keep more of the money from that sale, compared with paying Amazon a commission. However, you do have to balance that with the benefits of sending traffic to your listing.

Some customers will prefer the reassurance of buying via Amazon – and I would recommend giving them both options – but others will happily buy directly from your website. This makes your business more profitable.

4. You can collect valuable customer data

When users click on your website, you can analyse data that will tell you the demographics of your visitors, along with key indicators, like how they behave on your website.

Data like this can give you valuable insights into your target audience so that all of your marketing and promotional efforts can be optimized for maximum ROI.

5. You can collect customers email addresses for marketing purposes

Most ecommerce website platforms offer an email sign up form so you can capture visitors’ email addresses for marketing to later.

All you need is a compelling offer or message that makes them want to sign up. Eventually, you will build an email marketing list you can send promotional messages and offers to in order to stimulate sales.
With the above in mind, there really are many benefits to creating an external website for your Amazon FBA product.

As well as creating a rich benefit-lead Amazon product listing, you also need to make sure that you hire a professional website copywriter to create the content for you. Letting your brand down and diminishing trust in either of these key sales elements will sabotage the success of your FBA business from the get-go.

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