The Incredible Sales Power of an Email Marketing Sequence

Sales and marketing email copywriting service 

Building an email list and marketing to it is still a very effective way to make sales. But, your sales performance will only be as good as your marketing email copywriter.

This series of automated marketing emails is designed to sell your product or service to someone that has given you their email address by either buying one of your products, or signing up to receive something you have offered for free (we call this a ‘lead magnet’). Each email typically sends the reader to your sales page in order to take advantage of the offer.


Set the right tone

Effective email sequences have an engaging conversational tone while inspiring trust in your company. They also tell a story and sell in the benefits of your product or service.

You need to be careful not to come across as spammy, otherwise you will lose that important sales asset (the customer’s email address) and could be at risk of being pegged as a spammer with Google and excellent automated email services like MailChimp.


Hire the right person for the job

To avoid this, you need to hire a direct response sales email copywriter to strike the fine balance between conversation and story, and persuasive sales copy that inspires the reader to take action.

These digital automated email sequences have replaced traditional direct mail or sales letter marketing. But the sales principles are still the same and the classic sales techniques need to be applied.

Invest in a professional email writing service and the initial budget you spend will be paid back many times over.


Find the perfect number

The number of emails in your sequence depends upon the product or services you are selling, and how warm your prospects are. This needs to be carefully planned in terms of scheduling and content so that you can make the most out of each and every email address you collect.

Get that right, and your email sequence can make you a ton of money while you sleep, which is true passive income!

Want an experienced direct response copywriter to create a killer email sequence for your product or services? Take a look at the brands and online entrepreneurs I’ve helped with persuasive sales copywriting, then GET IN TOUCH TODAY for a quote.

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