Tips for Professional Amazon Sellers: Enhanced Brand Content

Today I’m taking some time to share one of the best professional Amazon seller tips for making huge sales month after month.

If you’re a professional Amazon seller, I don’t have to tell you the power of a great product description on Amazon, but you may not realize how much you’re missing out on by not investing in the creation of an Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) listing. This feature has been a game-changer for top e-commerce brands (who are some of my clients) and it can be for you as well!


What Is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

EBC is a feature that makes it possible to present your product information on your listing page in a much more visually interesting way. It can make your product more enticing and help it to stand out from other listings of similar products. It can also help your product to tell a story and control the narrative of how your product fits into the life of the buyer.

Amazon EBC provides convenient templates that you can use to build a unique shopping experience for your customer that includes vibrant visual elements such as images, subheadings, and custom formatted text. This goes beyond simple catalog descriptions and becomes a powerful persuasive sales tool.


How To Increase Amazon Sales With EBC

One of the valid criticisms of the online shopping experience is that it lacks the personal touch. Standard boilerplate product descriptions and a smattering of reviews provide a fairly standard and interchangeable shopping experience.

If you are a registered brand with a trademark on your product, you deserve to be able to differentiate yourself from the generic products and knock-offs that online shopping inevitably brings to the fore.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content provides this opportunity by giving you the tools you need to improve the customer experience while elevating your brand above the rest to a trusted position in the mind of the shopper.


Prfessional Amazon Seller Tips - Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)


Integrate Your Advertising Efforts With Your Listing

Climbing the page rankings on Amazon isn’t as simple as dumping a load of money into advertising and hoping that will translate into sales. The consistent problem that is facing e-commerce brands is how to convert advertising clicks to sales on listings.

With the help of EBC (and a professional writer), you can make online ads and listings work hand-in-hand as part of a two-part strategy to increase conversions. One method may be to make the advertisement the first part of a two-part story that is finished on your listing. It is natural for someone to want to know how a story ends, and with your enhanced listing, the story can end in a sale.

As conversions improve using these methods, your listing will climb the sales rankings and give you a prime placement well above your competitors.



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