Why you need THIS Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service

If you’ve got a trademark for your product or brand, the great news is that Amazon can offer you a serious competitive edge with their Brand Registry feature. It’s easy to apply, and you can be up and running in days.


Benefits of Brand Registry

There are numerous benefits to becoming Brand Registered, including Amazon proactively protecting you from cheap copycat sellers and making sure you always have the buy box. But perhaps the best feature to increase sales is the opportunity to create an enhanced product listing that combines images and text to form a rich brand page.

This builds serious trust and credibility with your customers and sets you apart as a leader in your category – which informs your customers’ purchasing decision.


Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Service

My Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Services can help you create the kind of rich brand page that customers simply can’t resist.

Here are 6 reasons why you need my EBC copywriting service for your Brand Registered listing:

  1.  I write rich, persuasive marketing copy that persuades your customers to ADD TO CART
  2.  I know the classic sales techniques that convert more of your page visitors into paying customers
  3.  I will provide you with a targeted list of keywords for both the frontend copy and backend ‘search terms’ box, so you come up in more customer searches (increasing your traffic and sales)
  4.  I will suggest an impactful layout for your EBC listing from the modules available
  5.  I will provide image suggestions to complement the sales content I write, so you know what graphics and images to create
  6.  I will provide you with outstanding copy first time around – you don’t have time or energy for revisions!


Sound good?

GET IN TOUCH TODAY to tell me about your product and get a quote!

**Oh, and here are the top sellers I’ve helped make a ton of sales

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