Why You Should Hire a Certified Inbound Marketing Copywriter Freelancer

Why You Should Hire a Certified Inbound Marketing Copywriter – Freelancer

Using the Hubspot inbound marketing methodology for your content marketing will generate loads of traffic and leads for your business. To reap those long-term benefits you will need an inbound marketing certified copywriter and content strategist to create blog articles that will delight your readers and potential customers.

A certified Hubspot inbound copywriter will write instinctively using this methodology, giving your business a serious competitive advantage. Your new website visitors will not only sign up and become paying customers, they’ll also share your content so your business can reach a wider audience.

So, you can’t just hire any old freelancer to knock up a blog post for you. If your company is using the Hubspot inbound marketing playbook, you need someone that knows how to deliver the following:


SEO research based on your buyer persona’s questions and needs

Before creating an inbound marketing content strategy, you need to know what kind of questions and needs your ideal customer has. A certified inbound marketing strategist knows how to do detailed SEO keyword research around those questions and needs, and will carefully pick long tail keywords to build a blog content strategy around.


A blog content strategy to answer those questions and needs

Blogging is the number one way to attract organic visitors to your website. That’s why it’s called inbound marketing! Having done the careful SEO research around your customer’s pain points and questions, an inbound certified copywriter and content strategist will create a blog content strategy that will answer those questions with valuable, informative content.

These SEO keyword phrases are important because, not only do they need to be naturally placed throughout your content, they also form the title urls of your blog articles. This helps your website appear in the Google search results when your ideal customer asks the question your blog article is answering.

 a certified inbound marketing copywriter and strategist will increase your website traffic and sales


Engaging, informative articles that people want to share

Inbound marketing is all about creating remarkable content that delights your website visitors so much, that they become loyal customers. Hire a certified inbound marketer and experienced copywriter to create this valuable content for you, and it will attract quality prospects who will also share your content far and wide.

Blogging is the best way to grow your business online.

Effective calls-to-action

Once you’ve delighted your website visitors and won their trust, you need to tell them what you want them to do next. A certified inbound marketing copywriter knows how to write calls-to-action that will inspire your website visitors to sign up, check out or download.

A social media strategy that distributes your content

Distributing your remarkable content on the social web is a vital part of the Hubspot inbound marketing methodology. A certified inbound marketing strategist will know where your buyers spend their time and base your social media strategy around those networks.


And that’s why you should hire someone who is well versed in the methodology and uses it to inform every piece of content they create.

As a certified inbound marketing copywriter and strategist, I’ve helped many startups and online entrepreneurs grow their businesses through this methodology.

Want me to do the same for you?

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