Best Amazon Feedback Software: Get a Ton of Positive Reviews

Best Amazon Feedback Software- Get a Ton of Positive Reviews

Getting positive reviews and feedback from your customers is a crucial part of your success as a professional Amazon seller. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to what I consider to be the best Amazon feedback software and review tool.

If you’re looking to change some negative feedback a customer has given you by asking them to remove it, check out my free email template.

So, what IS the best Amazon feedback software in my humble opinion?  


My clients use this tool to manage their whole Amazon customer review strategy – from proactively dealing with negative feedback, to sending effective automated emails that get up to 8x more positive reviews.

Here’s what is cool about this awesome feedback tool:

Super easy to use

This is one of my prerequisites for any tool or service. AMZMailer delivers with a user-friendly interface and an account that you can set up in a few simple steps to start using their awesome email templates.

Instant alerts when a negative review comes in

Negative reviews can make sales plummet faster than you could imagine, so being able to deal with them immediately can help you limit the damage. Again, you can use my own negative feedback email template, or use one of their templates.

Guaranteed ROI

This tool knows the exact formula proven to get their users more positive reviews, and therefore more sales. It’s super easy for anyone to use.

Automated emails function

Automated emails are one of THE best ways to persuade your customer to take action. With this tool you can send them a proven series of emails designed to get over 8x more positive reviews.

Great customer support

Another prerequisite of mine. Luckily they deliver on this as well, so if you can’t work something out, or need some advice, you can just use their chat function to ask a question.

So there you have it – a little tip in the form of a software recommendation to help you get way more positive reviews on Amazon, and how to deal with any of that pesky negative feedback!




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