How to Write a Killer Blog Post That Attracts Your Ideal Customer

How to write a blog post - blog writing and content marketing service
If you’re an online entrepreneur that wants to market a product or service, or if you’re a startup that wants to know how to leverage social media in order to gain loyal followers, one of the first things you will need to know is how to write a blog post.

These powerful little articles can help attract your ideal customer by providing answers to the questions they are searching for.

If you solve a user’s problem, they will be happy to hear your sales pitch for your product or service. This makes content marketing a win-win situation for everybody, and it will become a valuable source of organic traffic for your website.

Here are some tips on how to write a blog post that delights your audience:

Find out what your audience is searching for

By doing deep keyword research, you will see what search terms your ideal customers are typing into Google. This includes questions that begin with “how to” “what is” and “how do I”

Create catchy blog titles that includes the search term

Once you have a list of search terms based around your ideal customer’s questions, create a blog title that includes the words from the keyword phrase and add some other language that make sit more ‘clickable’.

For example…

Search term: How to write a blog post
Blog title: How to write a killer blog post that attracts your ideal customer

Follow this basic structure when creating your article

  1. Attention grabbing SEO optimized title
  2. Engaging intro of what the blog is about
  3. Create compelling sub headlines
  4. Add more detail under the sub headers – provide value to the reader
  5. Write a conclusion
  6. Create a call to action – tell the user what you want them to do next – for example: BUY NOW
  7. Find a high quality image – is a great!
  8. Proofread your article – typos diminish trust in your brand

Alternatively, you can make life easier for yourself and use a professional blog writing and content marketing service to do this for you!

Distribute your blog post on social media

Create a short, engaging social media post about your blog article and post a link to it across all your accounts – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Include relevant hashtags in your social media posts to get your blog articles in front of a wider audience.

Repeat several times a week

I’m often asked how many times per week is best to post blogs. My answer is always – as often as you can! The more you can post the better, but two blog posts per week is fine. If you’re in a highly competitive space, you’ll probably want to post more than that.

If you follow the above process over and over again, you’re website will attract customers that are already primed to buy your product, and you will start to climb the Google rankings for your target keywords.

For further reading, check out my blog article on How to Create a Content Marketing Plan.

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